Am I doing this right? GOOD QUESTION!


Excellent SUMMARY of the content in that video by a STICKERBABY:

THANK YOU, @jadwendel, for your EXCELLENT question about STICKER WORTHY MOMENTS, and for letting me share this answer with Connect.  If you are feeling like you are struggling to give yourself Stickers, this might be helpful for you.  
(I’m at church… I just told a kid that he did so great he could have another Sticker… he looked at me and said do you mean SUCKER? 


Yes, yes I do mean sucker.)

It is EXCITING to realize just how much ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT there is in SO MANY areas of our lives!  Life is good, and it keeps getting better. 


Love, Sticker Momma 


List of possible STICKER OPPORTUNITIES for an ICU Nurse, or any other human being:

 πŸΌ – set alarm and got up 10 minutes earlier

🐼  – flossed my teeth, instead of just brushed 

🐼  – drank water BEFORE coffee 

🐼  – enjoyed a 0 Point breakfast 

🐼  – packed snacks to take with me to work 

🐼  – let someone cut in front of me in traffic 

🐼  – parked further away than usual at work 

🐼  – brought cookies and gave them to the guy at the front that always seems sad

🐼  – walked past the donuts in the lounge

 – walked the long way around the unit

🐼  – really enjoyed lunch, no phone 

🐼  – ate sandwich, saved chips for later

🐼  – chose fruit cup instead of fries

🐼  – slowed down to really connect with extra demanding patient 

🐼  – asked for help 

🐼  – offered to help someone when I was stressed and in a hurry

🐼  – purposely and successfully avoided engaging in gossip 

🐼 – forgave myself for snapping at co-worker

🐼  – asked for forgiveness

🐼  – provided support to someone that has hurt me in the past

🐼  – spoke up at staff meeting 

🐼  – went above and beyond to prepare the next nurse taking next shift

🐼  – positive self talk

🐼  – filled vehicle with gas even though I still had nearly half a tank

🐼  – brought a bunch of stuff in from my vehicle and put it away

🐼  – self care at home, relaxing nighttime routine 

🐼  – emptied dishwasher before watching TV 

🐼  – got clothes ready for tomorrow 

🐼  – got to bed 30 minutes earlier

There’s just a few ideas. πŸ˜†