Body Before Behavior!

Gals. And guy.  For real.  Ya’ll’ve got me PUMPED!!!  I decided to tag all y’all in this post just to get your attention and tell you just how much I APPRECIATE you.  A ton. 

Like imagine if you took all the Stickers from all the Dollar General stores in the world and put them in a heaping pile… that pile would be a fraction of how much I appreciate you. 

I have printed off this 2019 calendar and stuck it on my bathroom wall where I will see it EVERYDAY.  We have 5 kids and 1 bathroom!  This calendar is in Grand Central Station. 

My plan is to weigh myself on the first Tuesday of every month.  And THAT’S ALL.  I will step on the scale 12 times in 2019.  I am feeling increasingly convincted to DO THE BEHAVIORS that I know will get me to my goal.  

By celebrating our CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that will get us one step closer to our goals, we are allowing this system (Sticker To It!!) to help us keep the horse before the cart!  

It is OUR BEHAVIORS that will get us where we want to go… not JUST our DESIRE to get there!  If DESIRE was all it took I would not be laying in bed typing this right now!  We’d all be in our bikinis on a tropical island.  (Except for Michael… he would be in his STICKERMAN trunks of course.  No wait a minute… there would be no such thing as STICKERMAN.  That sounds terrible.)

Lemme tell you what I love about this calendar that I chose.  I love that it OBVIOUSLY looks like each month has a Sticker on it!  And I love that one of the month’s Sticker is an octopus!  You might have noticed that I have been signing my Sticker Momma name with an octopus.  I chose that because I look at it and think that that is EXACTLY what I need to be able to hug ALL MY STICKER BABIES… a bunch of arms! 

I’m proud of you all.  I’m proud of me.  I’m proud of us. 
I have earned another Sticker Reward for reaching my 2nd Number again.  I know exactly what I’m going to treat myself to.  A membership to Sam’s.  With 5 kids it’s probably about time to shop at a big box store.  I am looking forward to buying 0 Point foods in BULK! 

Keep your Sticker Books handy!!  We are going to be filling them this year! 

When my 5th baby was born I vividly remember my 4 year old son’s behavior heading south.  He became distant and angry.  He seemed to stay frustrated.  It hurt my heart to realize one day that while the baby was tiny, so was he.  I had kicked him out of the nest to focus on our newborn and he wasn’t ready to go and do with his 2 older brothers.  

I told my husband one day that BEFORE we focus on his BEHAVIOR I want to focus on his BODY.  Instead of sending him off to take his own shower I slowed down and bathed him.  We would laugh and catch up.  He loved it.  I clipped his fingernails, combed his hair, helped him brush every tooth.  It didn’t take long at all before he was back to behaving the way he had before.  Lighthearted.  Silly.  Playful.  Funny. 

I vow to do the same for myself.  How can I slow down and take BETTER CARE of myself?  Better care of my body.  My mind.  My soul.  Always good to remember, we consume much more than food. 

If I could fit my Sticker Book in my pocket, I probably would.  The more Sticker Opportunities you start to notice, the MORE you start to notice!  Sticker Opps are everywhere.  All day, everyday!

I am so looking forward to DOING THE BEHAVIORS with ya’ll… and CELEBRATING the results!