WHAT IS STICKERBABY??!!  What is Sticker To It???
Goooood question!  December 2, 2018 I created a behavioral sticker system for myself to help me keep heading in the RIGHT DIRECTION!  I shared this system on Connect (the WW app) and the first couple gals that joined me started calling themselves my “Sticker Babies”!  The name STUCK!  And now there are close to 300 of us!  I gave this system the name Sticker To It and have been STICKERING ever since!
Please read on for a full explanation about this system… and BE SURE to watch the videos below!

This system does not make our paths perfect.  It helps us navigate them when they’re not!  (Which is EVERYDAY!)

We are STICKING together and discovering ways to KEEP OURSELVES moving forward… and building momentum!  We would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to join us!!!  
Also… if you are a WW’er, check out #stickerbaby on Connect for some EXTREMELY INSPIRING POSTS! 
It’s AMAZING how things can change when we stop telling ourselves to “DO BETTER!” and we start telling ourselves “You are doing SO GOOD!” 
We are CELEBRATING the little moments that keep us moving forward and RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITES to keep us moving in that direction… FORWARD!!! 
This is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT… and we are doing it both ON OUR OWN, and TOGETHER!  We don’t have to depend on others to offer SPECIFIC PRAISE and ENCOURAGEMENT… we can offer that TO OURSELVES! 
Sticker To It is ALREADY helping people to:
 – bust through weight loss plateaus
 – get to their GOAL WEIGHTS
 – stay FOCUSED
 – STOP procrastinating

Every decision matters.

We are going to get 10 years from now 10 minutes at a time.  What really matters is our next move. 
This will help you with that.
Stickers are both the CAUSE and the EFFECT of our behaviors.  We are GIVING OURSELVES Stickers for DOING BEHAVIORS that we want to do again (reinforcing them) and we are DOING BEHAVIORS to EARN Stickers.  Our behaviors are being reinforced by both using Stickers as IMMEDIATE “rewards” and by using Stickers as dangling carrots… dangling RIGHT in front of our noses.  (INSTANT gratification)  We are helping ourselves to WANT to behave differently.  This is a PRACTICAL way to CREATE MOTIVATION.  
This system is NOT designed to be used as a “To-Do List”.  DON’T GET ME WRONG… I am NOT against To-Do Lists (they can be great!!), but Sticker To It is designed to help us RECOGNIZE decision making opportunities AS THEY HAPPEN, helping us to stay mindful, present, in-the-moment, and better able to RESPOND to our circumstances in ways that will lead us closer to our goals, instead of REACT in ways that will lead us astray.
Below is the “original” post… 
Original Post:
Where my stickerbaby’s at?  I’ve got STICKER NEWS!!! ๐Ÿคฃ  I have OFFICIALLY given this a name.  Instead of calling this “my behavioral sticker system” it shall be called…
Sticker To It!  
(get it?… like “stick to it” only its STICKER to it??!!)
Here are THE ORIGINAL BEHAVIORAL STICKER SYSTEM VIDEOS… I put them together and on YouTube for easier access.
Video #1:
Watch “Sticker To It – behavioral sticker system” on YouTube
For an update on my sticker book check out…
Video #2: 
Watch “Sticker To It – update 1” on YouTube
Video #3:
Watch “Sticker To It – science behind it” on YouTube
Video #4:
Watch “Sticker To It – NON Sticker Moments” on YouTube
Video #5:
Watch “Sticker To It – you can’t OVER STICKER yourself… unless…” on YouTube
๐ŸŒž – Sticker Babies… Thank you all so much for joining me on this.  It’s humbling to realize JUST HOW MUCH HELP I NEED… and I surrender!!!… I will take ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!  Let’s keep moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION, one behavior, one decision, one STICKER, at a time… TOGETHER!!!
๐Ÿ„ – If you would like to BECOME a sticker baby… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  All you need is a notebook, some stickers, a few meaningful numbers, and opportunities to make good decisions!  
๐Ÿ™ –  The idea is that the numbers you choose would be motivating to you PERSONALLY!  
So… instead of choosing arbitrary round numbers and celebrating after you earn 10 stickers, then 20, then 50, then 100… you could have your highest number be your very next goal weight (a BENCHMARK on your way to goal)… just a few pounds from where you are!  And the numbers less than that can be meaningful and incremental.  That way you don’t have to wait until your highest number to celebrate!  
Or!!  If you don’t want to include your weight you could choose other numbers that are special to you!  Maybe your favorite number is 12, all your numbers could be multiples of 12… for instance: 12, 48, and 144!  
When I figure “Numbers”, I use the Starting Weight, the Current Weight, and the Goal Weight.  I take their CURRENT WEIGHT and divide it by their STARTING WEIGHT and figure out what PERCENTAGE they have lost already!  I then choose a PERCENTAGE that is SLIGHTLY GREATER than that and figure out how many pounds lost that would be, and what weight that new percentage would put them at.  I choose a goal that is not too far away but not too close either!  Typically somewhere around 5 lbs from where they are.  Their new goal weight becomes a BENCHMARK for them on their way to their ultimate goal weight!  I also make sure to not have too large of a gap between numbers so that no one has to wait too long between REWARDS!  Typically the largest gap is somewhere around 100 stickers or less!
Video on how I figure Numbers:
๐Ÿฎ – Celebrate earning those amount of stickers over and over… repeating the numbers… until you get to that new goal weight!  And then come up with new numbers!  For example: if your Numbers are 8, 26, 94, and 147… earn 8 stickers then give yourself a REWARD, then KEEP EARNING STICKERS until you get to 26 then give yourself ANOTHER REWARD!!  And so on!  Once you’ve earned 147 stickers, start back over at 0 and repeat celebrating those numbers until you WEIGH 147… then it will be time for new Numbers!!
๐Ÿ™ – We are NOT trying to earn a certain number of stickers every day!  We are taking life and stress as it comes and RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITIES to get a Sticker in our book!  You will become proficient at identifying “forks in the road”, or Sticker Opportunities throughout your day!  Our most difficult days or events are EXCELLENT opportunities to earn Stickers!!  So many Sticker Worthy decisions to make! 
๐Ÿฎ – If you are out and you either don’t have your notebook with you or you are somewhere where you cannot be putting Stickers in a book, text yourself the behaviors that you want to reward yourself for later!  I text myself 2 or 3 sticker worthy behaviors often… and then add the Stickers to my book when I can!
๐ŸŒท – Give yourself only 1 sticker PER behavior.  This will keep EACH INDIVIDUAL STICKER valuable and meaningful and also keep us aware that EACH INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR is valuable and meaningful!  This is a one-to-one ratio.  However!  ONE MEAL could potentially earn you SEVERAL STICKERS!!  Passed on the rolls?  Sticker. Chose water over soda?  Sticker.  Got the 6 oz. instead of the 9 oz.?  Sticker.  Said “No, thank you!” on dessert.  Sticker.  Also!  ONE ITEM could result in several stickers over a period of time!  I have given myself SEVERAL stickers for choosing NOT TO EAT the same exact item SEVERAL DIFFERENT TIMES over the course of one day!  EACH of those stickers represented a unique moment where I came to a fork in the road and decided not to stick my fork in the banana bread!  Sticker.
๐ŸŒž – FEEL FREE to give yourself a sticker for an NSV.  I am ALL FOR celebrating and rewarding!  However!  Not all NSV’s are OUR ACTIONS.  Keep in mind that these stickers are for MAKING DECISIONS that will lead us to our goals!  We are rewarding ourselves and reinforcing behaviors that we are IN CONTROL OF!  If your tight jeans fit again or someone gives you a compliment on your weight loss and you want to give yourself a Sticker, go for it!  But that is NOT the point of this system.  The compliment (obviously) came from someone else, and the jeans now fitting is a RESULT of many excellent actions, not actually an action.  This system reinforces OUR ACTIONS.  Just like I wrote on the inside cover of my sticker book  “Each sticker represents a conscious decision that got me one step closer to goal!”  Having said that… staying positive and encouraging and rewarding OURSELVES will help keep us heading right direction!  So!  You could give yourself a sticker for an NSV, and then give yourself another sticker for giving yourself a sticker! 
๐Ÿ  – The only positive behaviors that I DO NOT give myself a sticker for are ones that I believe I’m already in the habit of doing!  And I PURPOSELY do not give myself a sticker for these because I want to send my brain the message that these behaviors are now my NEW NORMAL!  Telling my brain there is no need to reinforce them with Stickers!  They are now reinforced AUTOMATICALLY as I now do them AUTOMATICALLY!  I have determined that they are worth repeating and have successfully reinforced them to the point that they are now part of how I operate!  You will not get bored of reinforcing behaviors as you realize the behaviors you are reinforcing are ALWAYS CHANGING!  If you are not sure if a behavior has truly become a habit of yours, ERR on the side of GIVING YOURSELF A STICKER!!!  Better too many stickers than too few!! 
๐ŸŒท – NEVER EVER EVER TAKE AWAY A STICKER as a punishment for a NON STICKER moment!  Our STICKER MOMENTS and our NON STICKER MOMENTS are mutually exclusive!!  They DO NOT cancel each other out!  We are NOT keeping score!  We are NOT keeping tallies!  We are MOVING FORWARD and celebrating the times that we RECOGNIZE a fork in the road… a STICKER OPPORTUNITY… and we choose the path that will lead us towards our goal!  As we head down THAT path, we will come to MORE forks in the road… MORE opportunities to choose… if we CHOOSE (and yes, it’s a choice!) to veer off in the wrong direction for a little while the consequences of THAT choice are enough! 
We can think of it like taking a road trip.  Our goal is our destination, our behaviors (at “forks” in the road) are the turns we take on our trip.  So let’s say we are about to embark on a journey… super excited… heading to a place we’ve never been.  Our GPS is down and we have to use a map.  At every turn we take that leads us CLOSER to our goal… Hooray!  We’re getting closer!  If we were to take a wrong turn, that sent us further from our goal there would be NO NEED to punish ourselves!  Getting further from our goal is PUNISHMENT ENOUGH!  We would just pause for a second, analyze where we are, and figure out what we needed to do to next!  And we would DEFINITELY not need to go BACK to where we had made a correct turn previously and change anything!  The most important thing for us to do at that point would be to FOCUS ON OUR NEXT TURN and recognize that we have the opportunity to redirect ourselves and continue heading towards our goal! 
This reminds me of that game we used to play as a child… searching for an object someone would tell you “warmer, warmer, warmer…  uh-oh!  colder, colder… ok, good… warmer, warmer!!”  We DO NOT need to punish ourselves for getting colder!  Getting further from our goal IS THE NATURAL CONSEQUENCE! 
(This is behavioral psychology… You NEVER take a reward away from a child that has earned it… that will ONLY discourage them from working hard to earn that NEXT reward thinking “Why bother… it will just get taken away.”)
KEEP MOVING forward… KEEP FOCUSING on your NEXT BEHAVIOR… your NEXT STICKER OPPORTUNITY!!  And TRUST ME when I say… I remind myself of these things daily!!  I give myself Stickers for MOVING FORWARD!