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The Positive Feedback Loop – creating a STICKER MENTALITY.

Be a STICKler?? I didn’t even PLAN that.


Yay! Thank you, Pam for doing my logos!!! Looking forward to spending more time with you!!!
I socialized! Sticker!
So CUUUUUUUTE!!! I love these!
Sometimes I feel SO STRESSED… then I open the back of my van and see a wheelbarrow on top of all my groceries and I think… it’s a miracle I’m not MORE stressed than I am.
Deep under those canned goods is a packaged of King’s Hawaiian roles that DID NOT GET SQUISHED!!!

So glad to be sitting at the computer right now. I have been on double/triple/quadruple kid duty as my husband has been BIZZZEEEE with work. Hard not to get discouraged when I see life piling up around me (dishes, laundry… you know the drill) as I tend, tend, tend to the kiddos and their needs. I told my husband I feel like a Personal Assistant for 5 people… it’s a lot to keep straight. Feels SO GOOD to sit here now and type. Quite therapeutic. My 14 year old asked me if I would get off the internet… so that he could play Fortnite. No. It’s 10 o’clock. THE ONLY reason I hesitated telling him no was because my husband was actually wanting to watch him play (the kid is good… )… but Momma needs a minute. Trust me family… it’s in all your best interests to not take this keyboard away from me right now.

So how is everyone? I hope ya’ll are well and finding refreshed opportunities to earn Stickers. I earned many today… and will earn a couple more before I hit the hay. This is a busy season of life for my husband and I. Raising 5 kids is no joke. We now have 4 kids on 5 baseball teams. Hence the ballpark picture. Busy season… that I anticipate lasting decades. God willing.

Enjoy the photos…

Sticker Momma (AKA Emily 🙂

Me trying to be sneaky and fill in my STICKER TO IT Journal at my son’s baseball game.
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One of 2 ballparks we go to A LOT.
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