Dear Future Sticker Babies!

My dear SWEET future Sticker Babies (and I hope there are MANY of you!!!),

I will no longer be doing the Sticker Baby birth announcement posts.  
HOWEVER!!!  I absolutely adore you… I love you… I care about you!!!!  I just have no clue who you are. 


Which is why I need you to do to something for me! 


IF YOU ARE ON WW with me…

PLEASE, I BEG YOU… if you decide to join us (and TRUST ME… we would LOVE for you to!!!!)… will you please INTRODUCE YOURSELF as a brand new Sticker Baby!!!  Do this by adding the hashtag #stickerbaby to your Introduction Post (so that your AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING Sticker Siblings can join me in WELCOMING you!!)… and ALSO tag me (@hellohealthyweight) so that I can add you to my official Sticker Baby list! 


Just send me an email and let me know that you are now a STICKERBABY!!! I am working on getting an email subscription set up on this blog… but until then I want to be able to do a head count (how many babies do I have??!!) and I would love to be able to communicate with you all every once in a while!! Please tell me that you ARE a STICKERBABY and that you ARE NOT on WW with me!!


This has become more than I could have imagined.  It is an adventure.  Each day is a NEW DAY that is filled with new and endless STICKER OPPORTUNITIES.  We are truly modifying OUR OWN behaviors ONE STICKER at a time! 

Again… If you are a Sticker Baby, please let me know!!  I would love to be able to tag you in future posts! 

And CHECK OUT #stickerbaby to see ALL THE STICKER FUN we are having!!

Much love to you all,

Sticker Momma 


and your 170ish Sticker Siblings