Left a little on my plate. Sticker. Threw part of a cookie away. Sticker.
Oh, and how CUTE are they??
2 Corinthians 10:5

Video of my STICKERMOMMA gift! Thank you, Annette!

Building Mental Muscles video:

my little decaf coffee buddy

Dear Sticker Babies,

I’m having a moment.  A lovely moment of gratitude.  

I posted earlier about my 23 Point breakfast and my plan for how I would tackle this busy day and stay in my Points.  

We are on our way now to the movies… with 6 kids.  I pre-tracked my meal at Chipotle (easy!  tons of LOW POINT options!) and I packed an orange and 2 bottles of water for the movies.  

I decided to wear a Sticker Baby t-shirt tonight for EXTRA motivation and moral support.  (these t-shirts feel like super hero costumes!)  And I went all out getting ready.  (Ya’ll know I DON’T fix my hair and makeup often and I actually watched a YouTube video to help me figure out how in the world to curl my hair like the girl at the salon does it!  
I tried. 



But here’s why I’m writing… I realized as I was getting ready that I was not only wearing my REWARD shirt, but I was using my… 


 REWARD curling iron and 


 REWARD hair spray and 


 REWARD makeup and 


 REWARD coat and 


 REWARD purse and 


 REWARD quart jar and


 REWARD lid and straw. 

I could not have predicted this past December when I created this behavioral sticker system just how POSITIVE this would be.  Or how much momentum it would build.  Not just in my life, but in OUR lives.  

I sincerely appreciate you all doing this with me.  I brag on you all the time.  What a supportive and encouraging group of people you are.  

Grateful for the momentum.  Grateful to be headed in the right direction.  Grateful to be traveling alongside YOU.  

Sticker Momma 

Had a plan and STUCK to it!

I made a plan.  Sticker.
I’m sticking to it.  Sticker.
Pre-tracked Chipotle, brought an orange for the movie.  Bought 6 kids 2 large popcorn with extra butter, 4 large ICEES, Junior Mints, Starburst, and Airheads… and I’m drinking water and eating an orange!  Is there a charm for a moment like THIS??!!!

It’s 1:14am.  Back home from our big night out.  2 kids asleep.  2 quiet.  2 slap happy.  I am going to bed with a BLUE D🔵T after having eaten ALL of my 23 Points for breakfast.  Today I got stronger.  I grew self-control, discipline, and confidence muscles.  I grew closer to ya’ll and closer to my goal today.  And by “today” I mean YESTERDAY.