How “Sticker To It” saved my day…

Stickers not mentioned:


 – found stopping point when organizing the office


 – 10 minutes on the treadmill


 – cleaned off treadmill


 – put the dish in the dish instead of tossing it in the sink


 – used broken Ziploc bag


 – finished laundry project


 – pampered my girls


 – sought advice on dog’s behavior


 – held family meeting about new dog training strategies

Not sure if I was dealing with sugar withdrawal, PMS, grief, exhaustion, depression, a stomach bug, or maybe a combination of ALL OF THAT 



This morning’s Stickers:

🌼 – made breakfast for everyone 

🌼 – TTTT (took the time to) clean out Mary’s potty 

🌼 – DIDN’T GO BACK TO BED (this is huge for me) 

🌼 – TTTT sit down and eat

🌼 – made mys3a healthy breakfast 

🌼 – rinsed honey jar that has been sticky for 3 weeks 

🌼 – cleaned kitchen 

🌼 – got the girls to help empty the dishwasher 

🌼 – drank TWO QUARTS of water before 9:30am

🌼 – took a shower (again… INSTEAD of laying back down!  Look at me go!!!)

🌼 – got annoying old soap bits out of shower and threw them away

🌼 – put on make up (Whaaaaatttt??!!)

🌼 – STOPPED anxious thoughts about the future (and by “future” I mean THIS afternoon… stopped thinking about it… kept my thoughts in the PRESENT moment)

🌼 – made my bed

🌼 – fixed the girls’ hair

🌼 – made final decision on Sticker To It web address

🌼 – contacted someone about home repair

🌼 – contacted Custom Ink about t-shirt order

I wanted to crawl back under the covers and stay there for 3 days… but that was not an option.  Instead, I STICKERED my way to right here, right now… feeling pretty great.  

Major inertia to get over this morning, and I. got. over it.