Important one-to-one Ratio!

I am so overjoyed, thrilled, excited, happy, elated, proud, to see and read about ALL THE STICKERS YOU ALL ARE EARNING and GIVING TO YOURSELVES!!! However!!  A bunch a ya’ll are making me nervous.  

I want to clarify and reiterate… 1 sticker per behavior!  This is CRUCIAL!! 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we maintain the ratio of 1 to 1.  Meaning… each BEHAVIOR is worth 1 STICKER, and each STICKER represents 1 BEHAVIOR! 

It is the REPETITION and the CONSISTENCY of catching ourselves in the moment… (when we realize we have come to a fork in the road… when we realize we have a decision to make) … that will CHANGE OUR BEHAVIORS!! 

It is (ironically) NOT the stickers themselves!  It’s the ACTION OF PUTTING THE STICKERS IN THE BOOK! We are INTERRUPTING our typical behavior patterns and redirecting ourselves.  Do this OVER and OVER and it will become automatic… for THAT particular behavior.  

Also!  We DO NOT want to VALUE one behavior over another!  We went to recognize and appreciate and celebrate that EACH BEHAVIOR is its own victory!  And one behavior (that might seem tiny and insignificant) could be life-saving! 

One Sticker Baby told me this morning that she gave her teen daughter a hug INSTEAD OF SCREAMING AT HER.  That hug could have saved a life!  Imagine her giving her daughter a hug and then her own blood pressure-lowering and she was calm and collected and then got in her vehicle to drive to the store… instead of being upset, angry, irrational, with her adrenaline pumping, and getting into a car accident.  She just stayed calm and made her way to the store!  

I absolutely love how freely you are giving yourself stickers!  Here’s my suggestion!  

If you are feeling so good about walking a mile and you are wanting to give yourself 4 stickers for it doing so, do it!!!  But do this… divide that mile into forths and give yourself 1 sticker for each quarter mile!!!  


We don’t want to get lost in the stickers… we want to stay focused on that next behavior!!! 

I love you all dearly and am REALLY excited about spending 2019 with you!

With love,

Sticker Momma