Is this JUST for WEIGHT LOSS goals?

Not at all!!

Sticker To It can be used to reach goals OTHER THAN WEIGHT-LOSS!  I’m am currently using it to help me MANAGE STRESS.  To navigate difficult moments.  To be gentler and kinder to those around me.  To declutter my home.  To move more.  To pick up more trash in more parking lots.  To take care of tasks that I have been procrastinating.  

Some of your Sticker Siblings have told me that they are using this system to get themselves back into school.  To push through plateaus.  To navigate and get through depression.  To stay focused.  To TRY NEW THINGS!!  (Horse back riding lessons!  Professional massages!) 

Let this system move you towards your goals… WHATEVER they are!  Inch by inch. Step by step!  Behavior by behavior.  

Give yourself a sticker for ANY behavior you would want to repeat.  And unless it’s a behavior that needs to be addressed… IGNORE IT!  Those behaviors are going to happen daily!  The LAST THING we want to do with them is LET THEM LEAD US!  

This system REWARDS behaviors that we want to REDO!  It DOES NOT punish behaviors that we want to stop doing!  The behaviors that we don’t want to do have NATURAL CONSEQUENCES.  Those consequences are punishment enough! 

So!  What are your goals?  What behaviors could you focus on to help you get there?  

We BEHAVE all day long.  We make decisions all day long!  We start making decisions IMMEDIATELY when we wake up.  Hop up?  Hit snooze?  How many times?  Stand up and stretch?  Turn around and make the bed?  What kind of attitude am I going to start this day with?  


In a nut shell :

Is Sticker To It just for weight loss?  Not even close!  Sticker To It can be used to move towards ANY GOAL that you have!  And let me assure you… one of my MAIN GOALS is to MANAGE STRESS in a healthy and effective way.  And that in itself will ABSOLUTELY help me lose weight.  As I learn to manage stress, I learn to turn to things other than CHEESY and/or SWEET CARBS to cope with life!

Love ya’ll 


Sticker Momma