My Most Meaningful Sticker

Since I started “Sticker To It” on December 2, 2018 I have earned 685 Stickers.  This might be my most important Sticker so far.  

Written next to this awesome science Sticker (compliments of @contemplativecat!!) I wrote:

“Moved on after 4 days of HIGH CARB COMFORTING without punishing myself AT. ALL.  Not even allowing myself to think fearfilled worrisome thoughts about my future weigh in.  What we fear we create.  (author unknown… I’m thinking Dr. Phil)  I refuse to create even tighter jeans.”

I CHOSE to eat EVERYTHING I ate.  I CHOSE to temporarily veer off the direct path to my goal weight in a SUCCESSFUL attempt to keep moving forward.  

In doing so, I experienced NATURAL CONSEQUENCES of my actions.  Tighter jeans, swollen fingers, tight rings, feelings of depression and anxiety, bad dreams, dehydration, etc.  These are TEMPORARY side effects of MY CHOICES.  There is NO NEED to add insult to injury, kick myself while I’m down, or cause the pendulum to swing by attempting to RIGHT THOSE “WRONGS”.  They weren’t wrongs.  They were choices, that I am GLAD I chose.