I have had several of my Sticker Babies ask me for suggestions for what would be good ideas for REWARDS! 

If you are struggling with reward ideas… here’s something to keep in mind… these are GIFTS… TO YOU, FROM YOU.  The idea is that they would be fun and positive and motivating and that ultimately you will want to earn them more than you want what would cause you to head in a direction away from your goal! 

Imagine what someone would give to you as a gift!  It would not be a roll of paper towels!  It would not be a broom!  (Ok, it might be a broom… one of my kids gave me a small silver trash can  for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago.


It would be something pretty and unnecessary! 

Something to bring you JOY! 

It does not have to cost money!  It can be a moment of relaxation! It can be a moment of fun!  It can be an experience!  Or… It CAN cost money!  You can put a dollar amount on it… or not!  A couple of my rewards have actually been quite pricey!  But I guarantee you they cost less than several trips through my favorite fast food drive-thru!  And they cost less than a whole new wardrobe because I went up yet another size!  

You can plan them ahead of time, or just wait until you’ve earned one and see what stikes your fancy in the moment!

These rewards help me head in the right direction as every time I see them and use them I am reminded of the many good behaviors they got me where I am!  As I type I am wearing 2 of my “Sticker To It” rewards!  The ring on my finger and the coat on my back!  

If you cannot think of something that you would like to have, just treat yourself to a walk through a favorite store with the mission and goal of walking out of there with something for you!  JUST FOR YOU!  Something that you will not only enjoy… but will remind you to keep heading in the right direction!  A bright future filled with MANY REWARDS!

Here are some REWARD IDEAS!!

  • massage from spouse
  • car detailing
  • water bottles
  • ring from pawn shop
  • jewelry
  • coat
  • mini chalkboard/chalk pen
  • glass quart jars to drink out of
  • Sam’s/Cosco membership
  • wallet/purse
  • STICKERBABY t-shirt!
  • new set of tires
  • horse back ride
  • window shopping
  • pottery from thrift store
  • dishes
  • sports bra
  • manicure/pedicure
  • kitchen gadgets
  • shoes
  • exercise equipment
  • DVD
  • movie tickets
  • makeup
  • haircut/color
  • blender
  • skin care products
  • quiet time in the library
  • tray for under tea set
  • TV time
  • long walk with pup
  • hike
  • mantra bands
  • cute socks
  • leggings
  • tunic top
  • colored pens
  • pandora charm
  • bubble bath
  • new book
  • adult coloring book
  • fancy soap and lotion
  • nail polish
  • epsom salt to soak feet
  • coffee mug
  • perfume/body spray
  • GIVING A GIFT to someone else (school nurse, crossing guards)
  • Fitbit or other type of activity monitor
  • cookbook
  • facial
  • new bike!
  • art supplies
  • art planner
  • app/iTunes
  • plant
  • scarf
  • scented candles
  • candle
  • knob ring for Kindle
  • ebook for Kindle
  • fitness peddler for under desk
  • time in bookstore
  • time reading paper
  • time doing puzzle
  • visit museum or gallery
  • something for the garden
  • extra week with housecleaner!
  • notebook
  • shoes
  • Diet Coke
  • thread for cross stitching
  • avocado slicer
  • lighted magnifying mirror
  • fresh flowers
  • long weekend vacation
  • favorite coffee from coffee shop
  • placemats
  • lunch box
  • girls night out
  • virtual 5kcharm
  • write a letter to your past/future self
  • colored pens
  • self care!
  • magazine
  • go for a walk, by yourself
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • animal shelter visit
  • storage containers for pantry
  • personalized refridgerator magnets

Have FUN with this!!!


Sticker Momma