Dearest Sticker Babies,

There is NO SUCH THING as a “bad Sticker Baby”!  You may have heard me say I live by a STRICT “No Guilt/No Worry/No Shame” policy.  I would never want to create a system that imposed any of those 3 on any of you!  This sticker system is guilt-free!  Shame-free! Worry-free!  

This is NOT a commitment.  

This is a tool. 


A tool to keep in your toolbox!  If you take it out daily and use it all day long (like I do!)… FABULOUS!  If you pull it out once a week and use it to get through a difficult day… FANTASTIC.  If you bought yourself a cute notebook and super cute stickers and lost them in your van and find them 3 weeks from now… SUPER!  If you signed on as a Sticker Baby but still have not made it to the store… no big deal!  

I want you to think of this as a tool.  A tool to help you get where you’re wanting to go.  A tool to encourage you to BEHAVE your way there!  A tool to help you RECOGNIZE, REINFORCE, REWARD, then REPEAT behaviors that YOU KNOW are getting you one step closer to your goal!  

We use tools to help us get our work done and accomplish our goals all day long.  Toothbrushes, scissors, bicycles, hammers, appliances, AWESOME THERMOSES THAT KEEP OUR COFFEE HOT all day long that we completely forgot we had 🤣.

Think of this like that!  We don’t use ALL of our tools every day!  We’re not doing anything WRONG when we use scissors, a microwave, and nail clippers one day, and the Instant Pot, super glue, and our laptop the next day.

I use my Sticker To It journal every single day.  It is absolutely changing my life.  It’s helping me to accomplish a wide variety of goals!  While I highly recommend this system, and I would recommend incorporating it into your daily life, I certainly don’t want any of you feeling bad for not using it!  That kind of pressure will attach a NEGATIVE CONNOTATION to it and will likely cause you to use it less!  Who would want to use something that made them feel guilty for not using it?  Not me!

Again… 🙂

This is a tool.  Not a commitment!  There is no pressure!  I feel no more pressure to use Sticker To It then I do any other tool I have in my toolbox!  But!  This is an awesome tool… and I am HIGHLY MOTIVATED to keep using it!  (and I’m LOVING my REWARDS!!) 

Love ya’ll 


Sticker Momma